Saturday, April 14, 2012

Google Friend Connect (GFC)

This it what should be on my blog. But when Google discontinued it or retired it on March 1, 2012 for all non-blogger users it also disappeared from my blog even though it should not have done. I can on my dashboard see how many followers I have but I can't see who they are and I am wondering if others can see this widget on my blogpage even though I can't as I have gotten 1 new follower this last week. Yes I know, I only have a few followers but I am happy to have them and sad that I no longer can see who they are.

Well I don't feel there is any help to find from Google with this problem as I have searched the net and all I have found is a lot of other people with the same problem but no answers to the problem.

To replace the faulty GFC follower thing I have chosen to join a lot of other people with the Linky Followers  gadget. I hope that will be easier than GFC and not give me as many problems as GFC did.

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