Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Adventures of Augustus Fuller by James Rickon

The Adventures of Augustus Fuller, classic action adventure fiction from the pen of James Rickon, contains the three stories:
Casus Belli:
The arrival of a misdirected cryptic letter plunges Augustus Fuller, gentleman, into the dangerous intrigues of the anarchist underworld of Edwardian London. With Scotland Yard baffled and reliant on him for information, will Fuller be able to unmask the identity of the anarchist mastermind and discover their plans? Or will his high stakes game end in nothing less than Fuller’s demise in the cruellest of manner?
The Aldbury Devil:
Fear stalks the snow laden landscape of East Kent as the tormented mind of an old man haunts the residents of Aldbury Hall. Can Fuller uncover what lies behind a spate of disturbing killings on the estate? Or will the nightmare stepping out of the cold winter’s night claim his life too?
The Terror Weapons:
With tensions across Europe rising in the hot summer heat of 1905, the British public is held in rapture by newspaper headlines of mysterious explosions lighting up the night skies above cities across the country. Are these nothing more than natural phenomena or does the recovery of a burnt corpse at Portsmouth point to a more insidious and calculating menace at work?
From Goodreads.

Three different adventures set in 1905. Augustus Fuller seems to be a gentleman who works under cover both for the police and the Foreign Office. He is nearly killed in all three adventures but of course just manages to get away and ends up kind of solving the cases. Not completely solving as the main bad guys always get away. Not for me.

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