Wednesday, July 1, 2015


This is a new group I have joined after the Hogwarts challenge stopped early. We are sorted into two houses and then mixed between the two houses again split into 4 troupes.
We are going to be part of the same house for the rest of the year but the troupe will change every 3 month.

We're a core group of competitive readers who met each other in a team challenge at MMP.

We loved the intensity of tackling reading challenges for points, and decided that it would be fun to continue that in our own way with a group dedicated solely to the concept of playing for points and devoting each month to beating the stuffing out of each other.

If you are into competition, you'll love us. If you can't deal with losing, you'll be miserable - because we all lose at some point, some of us a lot.

We place value in the following ideas:
~ A challenge is a goal you set for yourself.
~ Questions deserve answers.
~ Life is too short to spend it reading bad books.
~ Real life is always more important.
~ Winners don't crow and losers don't whine.
~ You can disagree without becoming disagreeable.

 Start July 1st I am in Yin House and Water Troupe.


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