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Romance Readers Reading Challenges: Word Hunt 2015


Romance Readers Reading Challenges has started a new monthly challenge of word hunting. I have now tried this challenge in several groups and I like it. As there is a new list of words every month I will just keep tab of 2015 in this post.

Monthly Word Hunt

We've started a new monthly challenge. Each month, we'll list 10 words. Your challenge is to see if you can find them all within your reading for the month. You do not need to preselect a level.

The maximum number of words for each book is THREE.

0-3 words : better luck next time
3-5 words : warming up
6-8 words : getting hotter
9-10 words : CHAMPION hunter!

To prove that you have found the word, please quote the page, percentage or LOC (Kindle) and include the sentence in which it appears.

Audiobooks are allowed so long as you can quote the page/%/LOC and the sentence. (Eg Using whispersync or finding that sentence in some other way.)

You must find the actual word. Basic extensions (eg reverses, reversed, reversing) are acceptable. If the word changes too much (eg reversible), then it won't be allowed. We will note allowable exceptions beyond the basics noted here on the list each month.

ability/ies: The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton
Loc: 947 ➜ Even now your grandmother has the ability to confound me.
blindfold: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling
Loc: 4560 ➜ A black blindfold appeared over Phineas Nigellus's clever, dark eyes, causing him to bump into the frame and shriek with pain. 
brand: First Year by J. P. Howards
Loc: 197, ➜ They found the brand she wanted, but Tom's car battery apparently died because they can't get his car started.
coddle: Witch Me Luck by Amanda M. Lee
Loc: 287 ➜ She didn't understand my fear, and she most certainly wouldn't coddle me when it came down to it.
destroy: Scent of Magic by Maria V. Snyder
Loc: 4007 ➜ I should destroy the sacks so Tohon couldn't confiscate them.
diabolic/al: Down and Out in Beverly Heels by Kathryn Leigh Scott
Loc: 2863 ➜ The tension is only partly due to Donna's diabolical driving.
reverse: Fire And Ice by Dana Stabenow
Loc: 1969 ➜ Sighing, he started the engine and shifted into reverse.
sound: Into the Deep End by Leesa Freeman
Loc: 423 ➜ Not the strained, forced sound I heard last night during dinner or around the family group circle, but a real laugh.
sparkle/r: Deep in My Heart by Patricia W. Fischer
Loc: 1393 ➜ Her flushed cheeks and the sparkle in her eyes made her smile.
violence:  The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson 
Loc: 5228 ➜ Their belief has brought oppresion and violence.

combat: The Alloy of Law by Brandon Sanderson
Loc: 434 ➜ He'd never frozen in combat before, even when he'd been green.
disease: The Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowski
Loc: 3885 ➜ I know that disease and it symptoms.
drink: The Return of Gabe McLeod by Joanne Hill
Loc: 3359 ➜ Could I take you for a drink afterwards so we could talk more?
forest: Country Heaven by Ava Miles
Loc ➜ 3133: His body edged closer, smelling of boy sweat and forest.
snake: The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa
Pg: 20 ➜ That snake didn't crawl in there by itself.
sunrise: Evidence of Trust by Stacey Joy Netzel
Loc: 1338 ➜ I wanted to see the sunrise, and you were still sleeping.
twelve: Taste of Darkness by Maria V. Snyder
Loc: 980 ➜ Then What? It was still twelve against one. 

September Word Hunt
abandon: A Cottage by the Sea by Carole Matthews
Loc: 2554 ➜ Then Noah arrives and we abandon our chat to pick up the table-tennis paddles.
absorb:Divorced, Desperate and Delicious by Christie Craig
Loc: 3745 ➜ Chase closed his eyes and let his hard body absorb the soft feel of hers.
bad: Rasmus - Tales of a Utah Cowboy by Jay Anderson and Beth M. Stephenson
Loc: 590 ➜ Sometimes that winter, the pain was so bad I would scream and let the tears run down my face.
chaotic: Born in Shame by Nora Roberts
Pg: 71 ➜ As if in sympathy, his mount pawed the chaotic air, then pounded the turf.
downward: Fire at Twilight by Lila Ashe
Loc: 1140 ➜  A piece of the pier, part of the railing, broke off next to his elbow and sailed downward, toward the crashing waves. 
guilt: The Iron Traitor by Julie Kagawa
Pg: 25 ➜ Guilt stabbed at me, raw and painful, but it was nearly smothered by the worried ache that spread through my chest when I saw her.
insect: The Diving Pool: Three Novellas by Yoko Ogawa
Pg: 60 ➜  The thin, twisting tube, dull silver fittings,and pear shaped rubber bulb of the cuff made it look like a strange insect nestled among the other instruments.
modern: Iced Under by Nadine Doolittle
Loc: 3712 ➜  In the hands of a modern rich buyer, this would all be torn away.
recluse: Ship of Destiny by Robin Hobb
Loc: 13979 ➜  It is probably no more significant than if a man who was meant to be a king became a philosophical recluse instead.
worm: Fire Country by David Estes
Loc: 2028 ➜ Raja squirms like a worm underneath the bars.

October Word Hunt
absent: A man called Ove by Fredrik Backman
Pg: 55 ➜   Ove syntes, at det lød som rimelige vilkår, og meddelte skolen, at han var fraværende i de næste to uger. (Pg: 55 ➜  Ove thought this seemed a reasonable offer and notified his school he would be absent for the next two weeks.)
Carved in Stone by Donna McDonald 
Loc: 2008 ➜ Anywhere, anytime, and on anything I own, Will said, grinning. 
awesome/ness: The Menagerie by Tui T. Sutherland and Kari Sutherland
Pg: 137 ➜ But it's awesome. And he loves it, if that's any consolation.
204 Rosewood Lane by Debbie Macomber
Loc: 882➜  She was through listening and shut the door with a resounding bang.
We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson
Pg: 11 ➜  I really preferred sugar and cream in my coffee, because it is such bitter stuff, but since I only come here out of pride I needed to accept only the barest minimum for token
contagious: Don't Waste a Minute - A Story of Africa by Marilyn Randall
Loc: 235➜  I was pretty sure chickenpox wasn't contagious once the spots were out,
Poisoned by Elaine Macko
Loc: 1347 ➜ He invented an air filter system back when all the restaurants in the area converted to smoking and non-smoking sections.
I'll Be Watching You by Charles de Lint
Pg: 192➜It was like when Lily saw a wolf or one of the big cats in the metro zoo.

November Word Hunt:
Life's a Witch by Amanda M. Lee
Loc: 832➜ Stop telling her things that alienate us from her, Landon suggested.
Christmas at Carol's by Nicola Yeager
Loc: 944 ➜ But wear that black uniform that Rachel and Olivia wear. brick
Uprooted by Naomi Novik  
pg 327We reached the outer wall of heavy brick; I took us through.
The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield
Pg 8➜  From being a meek and biddable thing, it has become a bully. 
I Need a Hero by Emma Bennet 
Loc: 1689 ➜ Don't worry, I'm not really cross: 
Love, Laughter, and Murder Ever After by Jeanine Spooner 
Loc: 2139➜ If he did, she went on, tiptoeing like an elephant. guru
The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater  
pg 53➜   Ronan, head own, kept studying the leather bands.
Fate's Edge by Ilona Andrews
pg 72➜ and be welcomed with open arms, food, and friendly proposals to rearranged his face.

December Word Hunt:

Terra Incognita: Travels In Antarctica by Sara Wheeler
Pg. 125➜ After a few minutes, however, I heard the buzz of a snowmobile.

City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare
Pg. 291➜ It's not a file hidden in a birthday cake, but it'll keep my hands from falling off.

Assassin's Quest by Robin Hobb
Pg. 186 ➜ Like something Patience would force on me for a cough.

Royal Assassin by Robin Hobb
Pg. 369 ➜ The Raiders were dark, muscular men, wiry rather than massive

STRANGERS by Chirag Upadhyay
Loc. 3542 ➜ Nerves and visions of my death had haunted me before I had dropped my pill and the same visions had returned now.

Fool's Errand by Robin Hobb
Loc. 1124 ➜ slippery elm bark for sore throats, raspberry leaves for morning sickness and the like.

Last Christmas by Lily Greene
Loc. 743 ➜ It makes me sound like a stiff upper lip butler who is more obsessed with maintaining a hierarchal social order than his liberal master.

Sweep in Peace by Ilona Andrews
Loc. 403 ➜ The southern Otrokars had a greener undertone to their skin.

Mattie: The Story of an Australian Convict Child by Sheila Hunter
Loc. 3552 ➜ Oh, I daresay you can come too, Poppet, but you are a bit sticky.

Deathly Still by Elizabeth A. Reeves
Loc. 1012 ➜ I loved winter.

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