Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Rawk: The Shorts Stack

Rawk-A-Tiers The Shorts Stack hosted by Rawk-A-Tiers on Goodreads.

I do read shorter book and it has always been a pity that I can't fit them into any challenges. Now they have their own challenge.

We all have them, those short stories and novellas that we've been putting off reading because we can't use them in our challenges; well here's your chance to earn some points for reading them.

This is an on-going challenge.
All qualified stories under 150 pages read each month can be reported for points. Books must be listed in your reserved comment thread. Use the same box for the whole year, just designate the start of the each new month.

Stories must be authentically published and appear on GoodReads as a book/story. Fan-fiction, beta reads, or comics are excluded.

Scoring: Mix and match them to get a minimum of 150 pages for 1 point per set of 150 pages, any pages over an increment of 150 pages cannot be carried over to the next month. Reporting to Homework box must occur in the month the books were read.

List of books by month:


July: 373 pages in total = 2 points
  1. Careful What You Witch For: A Wicked Witches of the Midwest Short by Amanda M. Lee ✿✿ 85 pages
  2. Wicked Brew: A Wicked Witches of the Midwest Short by Amanda M. Lee ✿✿ 91 pages
  3. On a Witch and a Prayer: A Wicked Witches of the Midwest Short by Amanda M. Lee ✿✿ 91 pages
  4. The Christmas Tea Shop & Bakery by De-ann Black ✿✿ 106 pages  
August: 0 pages in total = 0 points

September: 0 pages in total = 0 points

October: 0 pages in total = 0 points

November: 166 pages in total = 1 points  
  1. Activation by Chris Paton ✿✿ 61 pages
  2. Christmas in the Park by Laura Lockington ✿✿ 105 pages  
December: 236 pages in total = 1 points
  1. The Christmas Witch by Amanda M. Lee ✿✿ 92 pages   
  2. Julemanden og hele hans sl├Žng by Vagn Simonsen  ✿✿ 144 pages 
  3. Abigail's Christmas Gift by Charity Phillips ✿✿ 50 pages
  4. The Viscount's Christmas Temptation by Erica Ridley✿✿ 146 pages

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