Saturday, April 4, 2015

Chef Charming by Lyn Ellerbe

The neatly ordered life of Chef Marcus MacRae changed dramatically when Aurora Sinclair walked into his evening cooking class. Marcus was drawn to Aurora but couldn’t seem to stop himself from pushing her away. He fought to hide his ridiculous, unwanted attraction behind a facade of indifference.
Aurora ‘Rori’ Sinclair could not understand what she had done to annoy the handsome chef. Letting her roommate talk her into taking this class so close to graduation was a bad idea. The dislike she read in Chef MacRae’s actions confirmed her mistake. Not only was she facing the pressure of her graduate art show but now this enigmatic man had invaded her life. Unfortunately she found herself fighting a losing battle with attraction. Marcus was fascinating, and according to their mutual friends, not really a mean guy.
Would Rori be able to keep her attraction secret long enough to survive the class? Would Marcus be willing to admit his feelings in time to keep her from walking out of his life forever? Could God actually use ‘love at first sight’ to bring two people together?
From Goodreads.

I don't mind a Christian romance if it is just mentioned in betweeen. Unfortunately, this book was too much for me. It only made it up to two stars because it was funny in places.

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