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A Million More Pages - Hogwarts: Finding Ginny

Finding Ginny hosted by A Million More Pages on Goodreads.

Ron, Harry and Hermione sit in the great hall joking when Neville comes running and inform them about a missing student. All four of them run towards the corridor wall where everyone was gathered talking in hushed voices about the warning on the wall.
Professor McGonagall then reveals its none other than Ginny Weasley.
All three of them decide to find her on their own but they need help !
They have come and asked all of you to help them out.

Please help them in finding dearest Ginny.

This is a challenge divided in two parts.
All tasks in part 1 must be completed BEFORE you can start part 2.

Part 1 Objective is to unlock spells.

Unlocking Spells :
There are five spells which must be unlocked by completing tasks.

Task 1 - Smash some objects
Unlocks S spell.
(Choose any one option for 1 point)
*Read a book with lots of Fight scenes.
Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson
*Read a book with anything smashed on the cover
*Read a book that either has "Smash" or "Objects" as title.

Task 2 - Flying Lesson with Madam Hooch
Unlocks P spell
(Choose any one option for 1 point)
* Read a book based on aviation ( air force, pilot, air hostess)
Wind, Sand And Stars by Antoine de Saint-Exupery
* Read a book with MC as an Instructor
* Read a book with "Madam", "Flying" or "Lesson" as title.

Task 3. Rescue Neville from behind the Tapestry
Unlocks C spell
(Choose any one option for 1 point)
* Read a book where MC is abused
Sing for Me by Penelope Reece
* Read a book where the MC has amnesia
* Read a book that has more than one MC.

Task 4. Get a copy of Hogwarts: A History from Restricted Section of the Library
Unlocks L spell.
(Choose any one option for 1 point)
* Read a book that signifies a historic event.
* Read a Historical Fiction.
* Read a book where MC is a librarian or an archiver.
Girl's Guide to Witchcraft by Mindy Klasky

Task 5. Follow the trail of spiders to Hagrid's Hut
Unlocks E spell.
(Choose any one option for 1 point)
* Read a book that shows the bond between old and young.( grandparent and child, teacher student, etc)
* Read a mystery/ suspense book.
Roseanna by Maj Sjöwall, Per Wahlöö
* Read a book where MC is afraid of any kind of animal.

Finding Ginny - Part 2
Please ensure all tasks in part 1 have been completed before you start on these letters.

Objective : Use your spells to unscramble clue to Ginny's whereabouts.
Choose one task for each spell. When you finish the task, click on the clue link. It will take you to one of the letters in the clue word. When you get all five letters, unscramble them to find Ginny and gain 2 bonus points!

(Choose any one option for 1 point)
*Read a book that had at least three of the letters from the word "Stupify" in the title
Champagne Chic Lemonade Money by De-ann Black (P, I, Y)
*Read a book where MC saves someone's life
*Read a book with author name starts from "S" ( First, middle or last)
Get Clue Letter

(Choose any one option for 1 point)
*Read a book that has a twin letter word in title.
Dog Day Wedding by Rich Amooi
*Read a book where MC is accused/suspect of a crime.
*Read a book with author Starting from E.( first, middle, last)
Get clue Letter

(Choose any one option for 1 point)
*Read a book with Two or more word title that has W and L in it.
*Read a book where MC travels using Airways as transport
*Read a book with author starting from either W or L
The Synchronicity War Part 1 by Dietmar Wehr (could say he uses airways as he is on a starship)

Get Clue Letter

(Choose any one option for 1 point)
*Read a book where one letter appear twice in the title. ( it should NOT be a twin letter)
Getaway by Rosemarie Naramore (A appear twice in title)
*Read a book where MC meet with an accident of any sort.
*Read a book with author C
Get clue Letter

(Choose any one option for 1 point)
*Read a book with two or more letter word that as P and T in it.
*Read a book with MC as physically/ mentally disabled
*Read a book with author Starting from Either P or T
The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot 
Get Clue Letter

Ruling and other restrictions

Total points worth : 12 points.
Challenge Duration : 3 months ( April 1st- June 31st)

✪ Minimum Page Length: 125 (140 for YA)
✪ Are Rereads Allowed? No
✪ Can I start a book before Challenge Start Date? No
✪ Children Allowed with restrictions: Yes
☛ Restrictions: must also have YA as Main Page Genre
✪ Posting Requirements when complete:
☛Book title/cover, author, date read, how it fits.
✪ Are Audiobooks Allowed? Yes
✪ Manga,Comics, Graphic Novels Allowed? No
✪ Can I Ignore A/An/The in Titles? Yes
✪ Can a book be used more than once in this challenge?: No
✪ Can the Tasks be done in any order: Yes
✪ Can Series titles be used for meeting requirements? No
✪ Verification Required For Points: Yes 

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