Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Sorceress by Michael Scott

Dr. John Dee has destroyed Paris in his mission to find Nicholas Flamel and Sophie and Josh Newman. The two missing pages of the book of Abraham the Mage are still with them and the Dark Elders need them for the Final Summoning. They will not rest until they are in power and the human race has been destroyed.
Nicholas Flamel knows he must protect Josh and Sophie and the pages from the Dark Elders. For this he must rely on Clarent - the sister sword to Excalibur - and the sword's evil power makes it nearly impossible to use without darkness seeping into the soul of whoever wields it.
What will be the price to pay for the twins to remain protected and the Dark Elders to be defeated?
From Goodreads.

Another enjoyable book in this series. Nicholas Flamel has brought Sophie and Josh from Paris to London but they are of course still followed by John Dee and the Dark Elders.
Like they met Joan of Arc in Paris, it is Shakespeare they meet in London. I like the way famous people and mythological creatures are a part of this story.
There are another 3 books in this series and I have just ordered the next book from the library.

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