Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Challenge Factory - R4: Team Challenge SSS Finished

R4: Team Challenge SSS (SSS= Super Speedy Series) hosted by The Challenge Factory on Goodreads.

This challenge has now finished. I think my team came last, the roll of the dice just didn't like us. This does not mean we read less books than the other teams just that we didn't get very far along the snake. Our last books read was on spot 49 and at least two teams passed spot 75 the next round. This is fun though and I will take part again.

All posts for this challenge are HERE.
List of books at the end of this post.

This is a team challenge that will require two books a week. The object of the game is to roll the dice (there will be a link to the website to roll) and move along the board. The first team to pass the finish line wins the game.

Captains will roll the dice by clicking here on Sundays and Thursdays once their team has completed their reads. Please note captains when rolling you will have to change it to one die. You may not advance until all of the team's reviews are in. If a player or team falls behind the team has to wait until the next Sunday or Thursday to roll. That being said it's very important to finish and review your book on time. If a player fails to review on time more than twice they will no longer be on the team (excluding a prearranged absence)

How to pick a book:
If you land on single digit spot for example lets say you land on spot 5 then you have to read a book that's #5 in a series. For double digit numbers, for example you land on spot 48 you can read either a #4 or a #8 in a series. Stand alone books will count as a #1 or a #0. I don't expect anyone to read a series out of order and for people that don't really read series books that still want to play there will be an alternate option. There will be an alternate option for each spot.

Sign ups are open now through August 25th. Teams will be formed on August 26th and the game will begin on Sunday the 31st.

There will be a separate thread for captains to post their place on the board after rolling and a separate thread for captains to post a link to the teams completed reviews.

Teams will have a chance to earn 1 Free Pass to roll. To earn your free pass your team has to complete their reads a day before the next roll. Once your team has done this you will have 1 free pass. The free pass will allow a team to roll if they are missing a review(s) before the cutoff. The free pass may not be used for the win. Once you've used it, you can't earn another one. It's a one time shot.

Re-reads are allowed
Page limit is 150
When using an anthology you may use any of the numbers in the book except for the .5 since this means 1/2. But you must review each story in the anthology.
Series # will be based on how GR has it listed.
Any questions please feel free to ask!

List of books:

Week 1 (Sunday roll): roll 3 ➜ space 3: Devious Magic by Camilla Chafer (Stella Mayweather #3)
Week 1 (Thursday roll): roll 5 ➜ space 8Size 12 Is Not Fat by Meg Cabot (alternative: New York)

Week 2  (Sunday roll): roll 4 ➜ space 12: All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy (The Border Trilogy #1)
Week 2 (Thursday roll): roll 3 ➜ space 15The Secret History by Donna Tartt (stand alone)

Week 3 (Sunday roll): roll 2 ➜ space 17: Starship Troopers by Robert A. Heinlein (stand alone)
Week 3 (Thursday roll): roll 3 ➜ space 20: Altered Soul by Karice Bolton (The Witch Avenue #2)

Week 4 (Sunday roll): roll 1 ➜ space 21: Cupcakes, Trinkets, and Other Deadly Magic by Meghan Ciana Doidge (Dowser #1)
Week 4 (Thursday roll): roll 1 ➜ space 22: Monsters by C. Gockel (I Bring the Fire #2)

Week 5 (Sunday roll): roll 5 ➜ space 27: Color My Horse by Bev Pettersen (alternative: Cover Item 2 People)
Week 5 (Thursday roll): roll 5 ➜ space 32: Dracula by Bram Stoker  (alternative: 3-star)

Week 6 (Sunday roll): roll 5 ➜ space 37: How (Not) to Love a Hero by Elizabeth A. Reeves  (Cindy Eller #7)
Week 6 (Thursday roll): roll 3space 40: quiet storm by Romanus Gabriel (stand alone)

Week 7 (Sunday roll): roll 2space 42: The Magician by Michael Scott (The Secrets of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel #2)
Week 7 (Thursday roll): roll 1space 43: The Sorceress by Michael Scott  (The Secrets of The 

Immortal Nicholas Flamel #3
Week 8 (Sunday roll): roll 4space 47: Blood Faerie by India Drummond (alternative: Title B)
Week 8 (Thursday roll): roll 2space 49: The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams  (alternative: Author L)

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