Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Blood Faerie by India Drummond

Sentenced to death, Eilidh ran—away from faerie lands, to the streets of Perth, Scotland. Just as she has grown accustomed to exile, local police discover a mutilated body outside the abandoned church where she lives. Recognising the murder as the work of one of her own kind, Eilidh must choose: flee, or learn to tap into the forbidden magic that cost her everything. From Goodreads.

Okay I have a weakness for Scotland as I have lived there some years and my favourite genre is paranormal. Put these two things together and the likelihood of me enjoying the book is high.
I did like this book about Eilidh, an outcast faerie. She has been avoiding humans while living among them for the last 25 years. Now she has to prevent murders, comitted by another outcast faerie, taking place in Perth. Here she meets Quinton, a policeman, and things develop.

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