Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Paranormal Addicts & Newbies - Paranormal Creatures Seasonal Challenge

Paranormal Creatures Seasonal Challenge hosted by  Paranormal Addicts & Newbies on Goodreads.

Paranormal Creatures Seasonal Challenge

This challenge is worth up to 10 Points, with the possibility of another 3 Bonus Points! For this challenge, read a book with each type of creature featured in it. (It does not need to be the main character by any means.)

Vampire (Can be Out in Daylight) 
Vampire (Out at Night Only) 
Shifter (Non-Wolf)
Magic User/Witch 


Time Frame: April 1st - June 30th (Books must be started on or after April 1st and must be done by June 30th.)

This challenge was just put up on the 20th of April but books since 1st of April count. Paranormal and fantasy are my favourite genres so an easy challenge for me. My goal is to complete this challenge within the time frame.

List of books:
  1. Night Broken by Patricia Briggs (Shifter (Non-Wolf)
  2. Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews (Werewolf)
  3. Broken Homes by Ben Aaronovitch (Magic User/Witch)
  4. The Demigod Diaries by Rick Riordan (Descendant/Deity)
  5. White Witch, Black Curse by Kim Harrison (Ghost)
  6. Baehrly Breathing by Elizabeth A. Reeves (Dragon)
  7. Baehrly Bitten by Elizabeth A. Reeves (Vampire (Out at Night Only)
  8. Baehrly Alive by Elizabeth A. Reeves (Zombie)
  9. How (Not) to Kiss a Were Bear by Elizabeth A. Reeves (Fae)
  10. Black Magic Sanction by Kim Harrison (Vampire (Can be Out in Daylight)
  11. Pale Demon by Kim Harrison (Troll/Pixie/Elf/Gnome)
  12. A Perfect Blood by Kim Harrison (Angel/Demon)
  13. Angel by L.A. Weatherly  (Clairvoyant)

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