Friday, April 11, 2014

Broken Homes by Ben Aaronovitch

A mutilated body in Crawley. Another killer on the loose. The prime suspect is one Robert Weil; an associate of the twisted magician known as the Faceless Man? Or just a common or garden serial killer? Before PC Peter Grant can get his head round the case a town planner going under a tube train and a stolen grimoire are adding to his case-load. So far so London. But then Peter gets word of something very odd happening in Elephant and Castle, on an housing estate designed by a nutter, built by charlatans and inhabited by the truly desperate. Is there a connection? And if there is, why oh why did it have to be South of the River?
Full of warmth, sly humour and a rich cornucopia of things you never knew about London, Aaronovitch's series has swiftly added Grant's magical London to Rebus' Edinburgh and Morse's Oxford as a destination of choice for those who love their crime with something a little extra.
From Goodreads.

I enjoy the humour and banter in these books, also upper class Nightingale as opposite to working class Peter.
As I like to continue reading series I enjoy without much of a break, it is annoying to catch up with the series which means I have to wait for the author to write the next one. Get a move on Ben Aaronovitch!
I would soon like to have the story of the faceless man finished though it did provide for a major twist and surprise at the end of the story.
This book was read by Kobna Holdbrook-Smith and even though I still prefer to read books myself he is one of the best narrators I have heard.

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