Thursday, April 17, 2014

Baehrly Alive by Elizabeth A. Reeves

Goldie Locke, of the Three Baehrs Magical Law firm, has spent the last several months putting together a special preserve for endangered Magical creatures. She finally has a space where she can protect the last remnants that have survived the separation from Faerie. She is also caring for her critically ill stepmother, Gwyn, and her young brother--the spitting image of her murdered father. With her own well-being also hanging in the balance, she just doesn't have time to plan the wedding of the century.
Everything changes on the fateful day that Death threatens to take the person she loves most in the world. In that instant, Goldie's whole world changes--her goals, her dreams, and her ambitions are all focused on finding the cure to the mysterious malady that is attacking the Magical Community.
What do you do when the good guys aren't on your side?
Would you choose the welfare of the one or the many?
And, is love ever enough?
From Goodreads.

Goldie finally has her special preserve for her magical creatures but at the same time she is fighting to save her stepmother and half-brother from a terminal illness. Goldie has a complicated life.

This book qualifies for:
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