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Hogwarts Challenge

Hogwarts Challenge hosted by A Million More Pages on Goodreads.

Hogwarts Challenge is basically a challenge of challenges. The Sorting Hat put me in Ravenclaw which is my house. For every challenge I take part in and every book I read I will earn points for my house. Luckily it doesn't look like it is possible to lose points for bad behaviour. This challenge was meant to be for 2015 I think but it has started in November 2014.
Books are only allowed once in most challenges but can be used in multiple challenges.

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Scavenger Hunt > December :
DURATION: 12/1/2014-12/31/2014
Find the words in the books.
1. Must read more than 3 books.
2. Any genre except Children's Lit.
3. Items found in reading, not in title or on cover.
4. No more than 5 items per book.

Reckless by Conelia Funke
1. GLOVES/MITTENS (loc 2901) The King pulled his GLOVES over his claws.
5. SNOW (loc 1755) On an evening that already carried the scent of SNOW, they finally reached the river beyond which the royal fortress lay.
11. FUR (loc 662) It fell down her back so long and thick that it looked almost as though she were still wearing her FUR.
16. TOY (loc 1260) A game with the TOY her dream had shown her.
20. ROOF (loc 499) When Jacob had come here some years earlier with Chanute, the red ROOF tiles had shone through the undergrowth so brightley,

Promise by Christie Cook
6. SOUP (loc 3175) Instead, he made me homemade SOUP and we watched my favorite movies.
13. GIFT (loc 2968) I think I have the perfect GIFT, but I want to know what you want,
14. ANGEL (loc 3351) And it has wings - they're supposed to be like ANGEL wings.
15. DEER (loc 2022) I stared wide-eyed like a DEER caught in headlights.
18. BIRTH (loc 3749) Your conception and BIRTH seemed like miracles to us.

Elfhunter by C.S. Marks
8. CHESTNUT (loc 4404) three horses; a bay, a CHESTNUT, and a black.
10. RED CLOTHING (loc 1544) that now fastened her dark RED CLOAK at her shoulder.

The Little Christmas Kitchen by Jenny Oliver
2. SCARF (loc 79) and an aztec print SCARF.
4. COOKIE (loc 1904) the melt-in-your-mouth little COOKIES,
7. CHIMNEY (loc 2483) and the CHIMNEY hadn't been swept.
12. BALLET (loc 4013) inappropriate BALLET pumps that...
19. CAMEL (loc 42834) Her CAMEL coat was draped casually over

Toby Streams the Universe by Maya Lassiter
9. POPCORN (loc 5461) and POPCORN. A favorite snack among the nurses.
17. BELL (loc 5328) and he thought the BELL, when it chimed, might be different,

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