Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Crime in the Community by Cecilia Peartree

Christopher thinks he has his life under control until the mysterious Amaryllis arrives in the little town, spreading chaos and confusion in her wake.
Suddenly he isn't sure about anything any more. Will he learn to relax and go with the flow or will he try desperately to remain in charge even in the face of domestic upsets and strange things happening all around him?
This is the first in a series of gentle, quirky mysteries set in the small town of Pitkirtly in Scotland.
From Goodreads.

It is a mystery set in a small village near Edinburgh in Scotland. There was a bit too much spy stuff for my liking. It is very slow moving, set around Christopher a member of PLIF –the Pitkirtly Local Improvement Forum, a group that does nothing at all but meet up in the local pub for a beer. Suddenly Amaryllis turns up and wants to change that, which doesn't go down too well with the group. On top of that there are a lot of mysterious people around turning up in odd places trying to get to Christopher. Not a series I am likely to continue with even if it is set in Scotland.

This book qualifies for:
2014 Ebook challenge
You Read How Many Books? Reading Challenge 2014
Goodreads Reading Challenge 2014
Novel Books & Reading Challenges Tower Teams III
A Million More Pages Hogwarts Challenge
A Million More Pages Hogwarts: Castle Scavenger Hunt

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