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A Million More Pages - Hogwarts: Nine Months of Nines

Hogwarts Nine Months of Nines  hosted by A Million More Pages on Goodreads.

Another challenge that will give point to the Hogwarts challenge. In this challenge one can read 9, 18 or 27 books and all is a completed. I will try to go for 27 but will be pleased with 18. This is back dated to September 1st.

September is the ninth month, so this is a challenge built around the number 9.

September 1, 2014-May 31, 2015
Nine facts about 9

1. In French (neuf=nine & new), German (neun=nine; neu=new), and Spanish (nueve=nine; nuevo=new), the words nine and new are closely related.
• Read a book by a NEW author
• Read a book set in France, Germany, or Spain
• Read a book that’s #9 in a series

2. The 9 of Diamonds in a deck of cards is often called The Curse of Scotland.
• Read a book set in Scotland
• Read a book written by a Scottish author
• Read a book with diamonds on the cover

3. The phrase “to the nines” means to the highest degree.
• Read a book that’s rated _____.99
• Read a book that’s rated the highest on your TBR
• Read a book in 9th position or a multiple of 9 on your TBR (#18, #27, #36, etc.)

4. The phrase “on cloud nine” means euphoric or high and came into speech in the 1950s by the US Weather Bureau. For meteorologists, cloud nine is cumulonimbus cloud at 10KM, which is high even for standard clouds.
• Read a book with clouds on the cover
• Read a book set in the 1950s
• Read a book in which weather plays a significant role

5. Nine judges sit on the US Supreme Court.
• Read a book with judges, court, lawyers, etc.
• Read a non-fiction book about an important event in US history
• Read a biography about a historical figure

6. Some important Buddhist rituals involve nine monks.
• Read a book in which Buddhism is practiced
• Read a book set in Asia or India
• Read a book with a central religious character

7. A baseball lineup has nine players.
• Read a book about baseball
• Read a book set in the summer
• Read a book in which a sports team or player is central

8. Before 2006, there were nine planets in the Solar System. (poor Pluto)
• Read a book about space travel
• Read a book shelved as Fantasy or Magical Realism
• Read a book with author initials P. P.

9. In classical music, “the curse of the ninth” refers to the superstition that a composer who writes a 9th symphony will die soon after. Beethoven who left his tenth unfinished, is regarded as the first victim.
• Read a book in which music is central
• Read a book shelved as Mystery at least 9 times
• Read a book published during Beethoven’s lifetime 1770-1827

• The tasks may be completed in any order.
• You may complete one or more of each task.
• Your total books read must be a multiple of 9.
• YA is allowed (140 pp).
• You may post your projected list or as you finish each task.

+5: completion pts for each 9 books read and posted
+1: participation pts for this challenge
+.05: pts PER BOOK for this challenge
completion and participation pts CANNOT be claimed together 

List of books:

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