Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Christmas Charade by Karla Hocker

Elizabeth Gore-Langton was hardly in a position to refuse to accompany Lady Astley to the Christmas party at Stenton Castle. After all, a paid companion must follow her employer's wishes. It scarcely mattered that Elizabeth would be forced to face the man who had unknowingly broken her heart years ago during her first season. Most likely, the Duke of
Stenton wouldn't even recognize her. But once she looked up into his dark, piercing eyes, she knew this was a man who forgot very little and forgave even less. Well, she was no longer a blushing schoolgirl, and the dashing duke would soon find that a broken heart, once mended, could be formidable, indeed!
Clive Rowland, Fifth Duke of Stenton, was in no mood for a holiday gathering. But the Christmas gala would provide the perfect cover as he investigated reports that French agents were doing a brisk trade in stolen documents along the Sussex coast. It would be devilishly difficult to play the host while tracking down traitors, but Clive was up to the task—provided he kept his wits about him and didn't get distracted by yule logs and Christmas folderol… or the delightful charms of the disturbingly familiar Elizabeth. She was hiding something, to be sure, and Clive liked nothing better than unveiling a lady's secrets!
  From Goodreads.

This was an okay Christmas romance but there is a lot going on. We have got Elizabeth and Clive getting to know each other and Juliette and Stewart who are trying to make their marriage work. Then there are smugglers and French agents, and a treasure hunt.
What I liked best was Annie the ghost who even though she is a ghost actually is able to interact with quite a few of the characters.

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