Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Fairytale Tea Dress Shop in Edinburgh by De-ann Black

Delphine opens a fairytale tea dress shop in Edinburgh after being made redundant from her fashion merchandising job in Glasgow.
Using her redundancy money, Delphie moves to Edinburgh to make a fresh start, leaving her broken heart behind her. The last thing she expects is to find romance in the beautiful city of spires. But who is the man for Delphie? Is it Marcus or Andrew or perhaps Bradach? And will Delphie make her fairytale shop a success in the Scottish capital
From Goodreads.

Cute, sweet and very short romance. Cozy for an hour's read on a rainy, cold afternoon.

This book qualifies for:
2014 Ebook challenge
You Read How Many Books? Reading Challenge 2014
Goodreads Reading Challenge 2014

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