Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Whitstable by Stephen Volk

1971. A middle-aged man, wracked with grief, walks along the beach at Whitstable in Kent.
A boy approaches him and, taking him for the famous vampire-hunter Doctor Van Helsing from the Hammer movies, asks for his help. Because he believes his stepfather really is a vampire…
Published to Honour the 2013 Peter Cushing Centenary.

This was okay. It is not particularly scary apart from a few paragraphs about child abuse. It is a description of Peter Cushing in grief over the loss of his wife, mentioning a lot of his films and a side story about child abuse. The ending is a bit too neat.

This book qualifies for: 
2014 Ebook challenge
2014 Quick fix Challenge (140 pages)
Meet the Protagonist Reading Challenge 2014 (real person in fiction)
2014 Full House Reading Challenge (author new to me)
You Read How Many Books? Reading Challenge 2014
The Challenge Factory Spell It Out - Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (S)
Goodreads Reading Challenge 2014
Ten Book Author Train Challenge 
Bout of Books 9.0

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