Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Level 1+2 of the Serious Readers Challenge for 2013 Finished

Level 1 of the Serious Readers Challenge for 2013.

This challenge is for serious readers. If you can commit to read at least a hundred books, well, we'll let you play. The challenge will consist of many levels, each level will consist of 100 books. So once you complete your first hundred, you may advance to the next level - Level 2. Just create your list of books (at this level label them 1 through 100) and mark them off with a strike through them as you finish. If you find you can't finish one of the books on your list for any reason, you may replace it with another. Also, if you just want to decide what you read as you go you can do that as well. Since this challenge is for the year 2013 any books you've read this year may be included so we may have quite a few levels being utilized at one time once I get this challenge up. If you get done with one level, but I haven't created the next just let me know and I'll add the next level to our challenge. This is a free choice challenge. Read whatever you want. Hopefully, all is clear. Happy reading.

My goal for this year was to read at least 130 books. In this challenge level 1 is 100 books so I was sure I could do that.

I finished the 1st part of the challenge June 29th and moved on to level 2. 

I have read 201 books in 2013 so I also completed level 2 of this challenge.

THIS is bookshelf on Goodreads for this challenge. And THIS is the list for the level 1.
Level 2 list of books is HERE.

My posts are HERE. And the full list of all my books read in 2013 is HERE.

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