Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 is over

2013 is over.

I have read 201 books of varied length, all in all, approximately 59452 pages in 2013. 

I have taken part in 36 Reading challenges and completed 35 of these - the last one just disappeared off the internet and I couldn't find it again.

It has been a lot of interesting challenges and I am going to take part in some of the same again but also a few new ones. At this point I have joined 20 challenges for 2014 and I am continuing 7 that hasn't finished yet. But I think there might be a few more yearly challenges I want to join + the usual shorter ones that pop up during the year.

Most of the challenges I take part in I find at either A Novel Challenge or from 2 groups on Goodreads. Crazy Challenge Connection and Nothing but Reading Challenges.

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