Thursday, December 31, 2015

STRANGERS by Chirag Upadhyay

Have you ever been overseas and wondered who the strangers you meet at the hotel, at the bar, swimming pool, and on the nine hour bus journey through the night really are? Danny Shah didn't. He should have.
Made redundant, Danny decides a holiday, specifically a visit to Machu Picchu, is in order. He joins an organised tour where he meets his fellow travellers, eight other strangers. All Danny wants to do is party. However, some of these strangers harbour secrets…A fugitive on the run. An undercover cop in pursuit.
Will Danny get the chance to experience sun, sex, sours and once-in-a-lifetime sites? Or will he be dragged into a story he wants nothing to do with?
  From Goodreads.

This is one of the more confusing books I have read but I still kind of liked it. I chose it because it was set in Peru and the characters were going to visit Machu Picchu, which I visited many years ago. Unfortunately they never got there! I had no idea till the book told me at the end who was the bad guy and who was the undercover cop and I think that was really good.

This book qualifies for:
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Wacky Reading Challenges: Word Search 2015
The Challenge Factory: Scavenger Hunt Part XVI
Rawk-A-Tiers: Scavenger Hunt
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