Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Rawk: Troupe Task 2015 - Finished

Rawk-A-Tiers Troupe Task 2015 hosted by Rawk-A-Tiers on Goodreads.

This is part of the Rawk-A-Tiers challenge and this one is about working together in our troupes
This challenge is suppose to be repeated every quarter when we get put into new troupes.
We stayed in the same Troupe for this last quarter so we didn't have another challenge.

For the first troupe challenge starting 1st of July, I am part of Water troupe.
Update 22/7: I read 2 books for this challenge and we came in third.

The Troupe Task is a team building exercise for you and your new troupe. It must be completed as a troupe, and every member of your troupe must contribute at least one book toward the task.

☯ The task begins when the quarter opens.
☯ One troupe member will assume responsibility for keeping a running post of the troupe task showing all claimed books and their finished completion dates.
☯ The task list must be claimed in order on your thread in the Troupe Task folder. You may plan your list and sign up strategy in your troupe chat threads.
☯ Troupe members must claim their own books. No proxy, substitutions, or delegated posting of tasks by one member for another.
☯ You must link to the edition of the book that you actually read. For book cover tasks, that edition must actually match the task.
☯ Once all members have claimed a book, you may start reading your books, posting your finished books, and claiming any remaining books on the task list. Remember that books must be claimed in the order in which they appear.
☯ You may not claim a second book until your first book is finished and posted.
☯ No member can read sequential tasks. If you read task #7, you may not also read task #8.
☯ Your final list must be verified and time stamped by one of the two heads of house. That stamp will be the official “finish” time used for determining final standings for the quarter. 

Start July 1st. 
I read 2 books for this challenge.

1. Read a book from your Head Of House’s bookshelves.
2. Read a book from your Troupe Leader’s bookshelves.
Fire And Ice by Dana Stabenow (On Danielle's Freebie Shelf)
3. Read a “fire” book.
4. Read a “water” book.
5. Read an “air/sky/wind” book.
6. Read an “earth/land/planet” book.
7. Read a book labeled “Classics.”
8. Read a Fantasy or Sci-Fi book.
9. Read a Romance book.
10. Read a Historical Fiction book.
11. Read a Contemporary fiction book.
The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen (It has fiction and contemporary as a main genre)
12. Read a Non-Fiction book.


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