Monday, December 28, 2015

Deathly Still by Elizabeth A. Reeves

Antigone Baehr is almost eighteen when her life takes a bizarre turn. All those feelings she'd had her whole life that she was different from all of her peers were actually true-- she is something called 'unlife'.
Now forced to face Death face-to-face, Annie finds herself caught up in a future she never wanted for herself-- is she fated for Death?
Or to be Death?
From Goodreads.

I have read all the Cindy Eller and the Goldie Locke and the Were Bears books and this new series is a continuation in that world. This book is about Goldie Locke's daughter. As with all these books, this was a fun quick read. A bit different as it is about her training with Death to become either a reaper or the new Death. I am looking forward to continuing this series.

This book qualifies for:
Goodreads Reading Challenge 2015
Romance Readers Reading Challenges: Word Hunt 2015
Wacky Reading Challenges: Word Search 2015
Rawk-A-Tiers: Scavenger Hunt
Rawk-A-Tiers: Travel Around the World
A Million More Pages: Scavenger 2015
Wacky Reading Challenges: Vampires, Witches & Ghosts, O My

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