Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Oatmeal Stories by Robert R. Stevens

My dad, Robert Russell Stevens, is the oldest of the five children in his family and for that reason he bore the burden of helping his father not only with chores, but whatever else was necessary for their survival.
It was a difficult time during the 1940's, and life was a constant struggle for his family. He often told us how he went without shoes in the summer, sat alone during school lunch so no one would notice that he had nothing to eat, and slept in the cold attic where snow would drift in under the eaves and onto his back. I referred to these as “the oatmeal stories,” because he also frequently told us about the times they ate nothing but oatmeal for days. I didn't appreciate these tales. I supposed they were being told for the purpose of making us grateful for what we had. When I set out to write a children's book about growing up in Maine during simpler times and asked my dad to relate some of his experiences, he began sending stories to me each day via email. Suddenly I was opening my inbox with anticipation, excited to read each new account of his childhood. I was amazed and saddened by what I read. These were not suitable for a children's book; nevertheless, I thought they should be told. These are the oatmeal stories.
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The stories in this book were both interesting and funny. Some of the stories, that I thought funny, I am sure were not funny at the time it happened. There were different kinds of dangers about in those days, life was maybe more simple but it was hard. My father grew up on a farm and he talked about a time when he and his brothers were fighting, they threw pitchforks after each other. Just the thought of what could have happened is scary.

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