Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Bakery By The Seaside by De-ann Black

After splitting up with her boyfriend of four years, April leaves the city behind to start a new life by the sea.
When she arrives at the small coastal town on the West Coast of Scotland, she takes a chance and leases the old-fashioned bakery house at the seaside. She has the spring and summer to try and build up her bakery business and make it work. Baking bread is her favourite - fresh crusty bread, white bloomers, whisky loaves and tea bread, along with pink-iced sticky buns.
Romance isn't part of her business plan, but then Shawn the local eye candy and boat repair man, and Campbell the owner of the mansion on the large country estate, vie for her affections. And April has to decide which side her bread is buttered.
In the beautiful seaside town with its local gossips and scandalmongers, there's only one thing for sure - no one knows the name of Alec the chicken.
From Goodreads.

Another sweet, light and short romance from De-ann Black. Easily read in a couple of hours.

This book qualifies for:
Goodreads Reading Challenge 2015
A Million More Pages Hogwarts: Harry Potter: The Ultimate Series Tour
A Million More Pages Hogwarts: Diagon Alley Supply List
A Million More Pages Hogwarts: Backpacking Around The Globe

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