Saturday, June 20, 2015

Believe by Celia Juliano

After five years of caring for her father in Italy, Lita Sabatini returns home to San Francisco. Her unexpected meeting with her long-time crush, Lorenzo Calabra, complicates her homecoming, endangering both her heart and the tenuous peace in her family. Lita knows what she wants—marriage and family—and Lorenzo isn’t a likely prospect. Not only is Lorenzo her older brother’s best friend, but he’s also the city’s most infamous bachelor, and the rumors of his corrupt ways are as numerous as his women. Lita won’t compromise her dreams for Lorenzo—but she wants to believe in la grazia dell’amore, the grace of love.
For three years, Lorenzo has fought his feelings for Lita. But she’s an angel, untouchable from the hell that is his life. When she returns home, he resolves to change. His family and friends don’t believe in him, but when Lita does, he acts. Their pasts and future collide, making them each doubt themselves and their relationship. Will Lorenzo and Lita lose each other, or will they finally believe in the grace of love?
From Goodreads.

Lita is still fairly innocent while Lorenzo, under pressure from his father, has done a lot - not quite illegal but close. Nice enough romance but a bit too unbelievable for my taste. 

This book qualifies for:
Goodreads Reading Challenge 2015
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