Sunday, June 14, 2015

Captured In Ink by Donna McDonald

When a one-night stand turns out to be the woman of his dreams, 27 yr old Shane Larson ends up taking a giant detour as the universe sends him to 34 yr old Reesa Callahan’s front door. There he finds not just the woman he wants, but a whole family that seems to need him.
Being in love with Reesa is just as rewarding as his father predicted, but does he have what it takes to love them all?
From Goodreads.

I really liked this book. Shane has to work hard to prove his love for both Reesa and her four charges. It is interesting to see the difference in the way the four kids are coping with the loss of their parents and seeing them desperate to stay together.
Reese only had enough energy for a one night stand as she is battling her charges' grandparents who want to split the kids and trying to prove an income big enough to support her and the kids. There is no room in her life for a permanent boyfriend and especially a guy too young to be a responsible person.
I will definitely read more books by Donna McDonald.

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