Monday, June 16, 2014

Wild Justice by Kelley Armstrong

Ex-cop Nadia Stafford has a dark secret. After taking the law into her own hands she was kicked off the force... and entered the shadowy world of guns for hire. She has her own strict code - works only for one crime family, only kills the really bad guys. But when a hit goes tragically wrong, Nadia is devastated. Is it time to leave the business for good?
Before she has time to decide, Nadia discovers that her own life is under threat. And worse - that terrifying events from her past may have triggered the attacks. With the help of Jack, her enigmatic mentor, Nadia is forced to upon a dark path - towards the truth and towards her final destiny.
From Goodreads.

Another excellent book from Kelley Armstrong. I remember not liking the first book in this series so much but it might have been the missing paranormal aspect in it. Now having gotten used to that I really like Nadia, an ex-cop turned lodge owner and assassin. In this book it all goes back to when she was 13 and horrible things happened to her and her cousin. Nadia is a strong likeable heroine. I hope Kelley Armstrong writes more of this series.

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