Friday, June 27, 2014

The Cold Moon Run by L. Filion

Olivia Preston is a smart, beautiful woman on the verge of living the life she had meticulously planned out; college, law school, working in her parents’ law firm and marrying her high school sweetheart. Shane Jaxon is her sexy, mysterious neighbor who isn't concerned with anything other than bedding women. However, once he meets Olivia, a fire is ignited within Shane and he sets out to win her heart and fulfill his destiny. But a new rivalry threatens his plans. Will Shane win her over enough to reveal his true self to her? And what will happen to her perfectly planned life if she lets him in? From Goodreads.

Unfortunately this book just wasn't very good. According to genre this was about werewolves and yes it was. They lived in tribes on reservations. Basically an adaptation of the native Americans.
I don't usually notice editing mistakes but I did in this which means there were quite a few. I am glad this was a free book.

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