Saturday, December 22, 2012

'Tis the Season by China Miéville

Call me childish, but I love all the nonsense – the snow, the trees, the tinsel, the turkey. I love presents. I love carols and cheesy songs. I just love Christmas™.'It would be a dream come true to be able to celebrate Christmas properly: to wake up to a Stocking™, visit Santa™ and open Presents™ around the Christmas Tree™. But this is a luxury reserved for those with shares in YuleCo – controllers of this joyful season – who don’t agree that it’s a holiday for one and all.In this short story, China Miéville’s astonishing imagination allows us a glimpse of how a dystopian Christmas might be. From Goodreads

It is the future and everything about Christmas has been taken over by YuleCo and people are not even allowed to wish each other a Merry Christmas if they haven't  got shares in the company. I am glad this story was short and if I hadn't read Un Lun Dun before I would most likely not read any of his books ever again.

This book qualifies for: 
Goodreads 2012 Reading Challenge, 
2012 Ebook Challenge,
Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge 2012

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