Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Ebook Challenge Finished

Thank you Sarah from workadayreads for this reading challenge.

This has been a brilliant challenge for me as I live in a place where it is not that easy to buy books in book stores. Up till end of June I lived in a place completely without a book store and only an extremely tiny library with erratic or non existent opening hours. Now, since the end of August, I live in a place with a small book store and a big library. I have had some kind of ebook reader since 2008 and absolutely love it.

My goal for this challenge was to reach the level of Server - read 100 ebooks.
I reached this goal on the 26th of October with the book Reckless Witch. I have read 134 books for this challenge.

All the posts for this challenge are HERE.
THIS is the list for all the books I have read for this challenge.

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