Saturday, December 15, 2012

Side Jobs: Stories From the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher

As Chicago's only professional wizard, Harry Dresden has had cases that have pitted him against insane necromancers, power-hungry faerie queens, enigmatic dark wizards, fallen angels—pretty much a "who's who" of hell and beyond—with the stakes in each case ranging from a lone human soul to the entire human race.
But not every adventure Harry Dresden undertakes is an epic tale of life and death in a world on the edge of annihilation.
Here, together for the first time, are the shorter works of #1 New York Times bestselling author Jim Butcher—a compendium of cases that Harry and his cadre of allies managed to close in record time. With tales ranging from the deadly serious to the absurdly hilarious—including an all-new never-before-published story—this is a must-have collection for every devoted Harry Dresden fan.
From Goodreads
"Restoration of Faith", "Vignette", "Something Borrowed" , "It's My Birthday Too", "Heorot", "Day Off", "Backup", "The Warrior", "Last Call", "Love Hurts", "Aftermath"

I had read three or four of these short stories before but I still enjoyed them all. I think my favourite is Backup that is told from Thomas' side. About how he has to save Harry from something Harry doesn't even know is a danger to him. In the books it is clear that Harry could not manage without his friends and though Harry is the main guy in these books I quite enjoy all the other characters so it is nice to read some short stories where they are the main characters.

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