Sunday, March 30, 2014

Vinter-Eventyr by Karen Blixen

In Isak Dinesen's universe, the magical enchantment of the fairy tale and the moral resonance of myth coexist with an unflinching grasp of the most obscure human strengths and weaknesses. A despairing author abandons his wife, but in the course of a long night's wandering, he learns love's true value and returns to her, only to find her a different woman than the one he left. A landowner, seeking to prove a principle, inadvertently exposes the ferocity of mother love. A wealthy young traveler melts the hauteur of a lovely woman by masquerading as her aged and loyal servant.
Shimmering and haunting, Dinesen's Winter's Tales transport us, through their author's deft guidance of our desire to imagine, to the mysterious place where all stories are born.
From Goodreads.

Not a book for me. I found most of the stories rather depressing. I have not read much by Karen Blixen and if this was the only book I would not read any more but I enjoyed Out of Africa so I won't completely dismiss her.

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