Thursday, November 22, 2012

2012 Book Blogger Recommendation Challenge Book List

This is the list of the 15 books I have read for this challenge.
  1.  Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card (number 28 on the list)
  2. A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness (number 223 on the list)
  3. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (number 1 on the list)
  4. Glass Houses by Rachel Caine (number 131 on the list)
  5. Fire by Kristin Cashore (number 179 on the list)
  6. The knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness (number 144 on the list)
  7. Paranormalcy by Kiersten White (number 83 on the list)
  8. Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison (number 202 on the list)
  9. Un Lun Dun by China Miéville (number 119 on the list)
  10. Divergent by Veronica Roth (number 2 on the list)
  11. Inside Out by Maria V. Snyder (number 254 on the list)
  12. Mistborn: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson  (number 108 on the list)
  13. Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfeild (number 125 on the list)
  14. The Iron King by Julie Kagawa (number 208 on the list)
  15. Delirium by Lauren Oliver  (number 9 on the list)
HERE is all the posts for this challenge.


  1. So I'm very curious, which one was your favorite.? How about your top three. There are quite a few on this list I'd like to read myself. The only ones I've read so far are: Delirium and The Hunger Games, both which I really loved. (Delirium was a bit slow though - killer ending though - ugh!)

  2. Oh I guess I should say I have: A Discovery of Witches and The Knife of Never Letting Go available to read immediately.

  3. I don't actually know which one is my favourite.
    I think my top three are: Mistborn, The Knife of Never Letting Go and A Discovery of Witches. But a lot of them are good and well worth a read.