Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Åndesøstre (Haunted Sister) by Lael Littke

Der var et par øjne, der ikke var spor kærlige. De tilhørte en pige, der stod ude ved den ene side og stirrede på mig. Jeg kunne ikke rigtig tyde hendes flimrende blik. Det var ikke had, det udtrykte, men det var nok det nærmeste, man kunne komme had på dette sted.
Hvorfor stirrede hun sådan på mig?
Pludselig gik det op for mig, at det var som at se ind i et spejl.
"Lenore?" sagde jeg spørgende.
"Er det dig Lenore?" 
From backcover.
How can you have a ghost story without a ghost? What if the ghost is only in your head? How would you know that you aren't losing your mind? By medical standards, sixteen-year-old Janine Palmer dies on the day of her automobile accident. When her spirit travels to the "other side," however, she is told that it isn't her time to die, and is sent back to live out her life. When she awakens from her coma, though, she discovers that she hasn't come back alone. There is someone else inside her mind. The voice in Janine's head claims to be the ghost of Lenore, Janine's twin sister, who drowned twelve years earlier. Lenore blames her own death on Janine and is determined to live again in her sister's body.
Now the two girls must vie for one body. Can Janine be sure that her twin is really inside her, or is she simply going crazy?
From Goodreads

This book was okay but no more than that. It was an easy and fast read. I just feel there could have been a lot more to it and just when it got interesting the book finished. Not a book I can recommend.

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