Sunday, March 18, 2012

Convergence 2012 by Robert R. Ricks

It's 2011 and as the world inches closer to the 2012 Convergence, Tim Christenson, an addicted street thug attempts to rob the wrong man... Forced into a journey of epic consequences by the enigmatic Kuthanaga, Tim learns of the devastating fate in store for all of humanity and must come to terms with the sins of his past. Kuthanaga claims he will save one billion humans. The only problem: There's nearly seven billion on the planet. From Goodreads

I really enjoyed this book, the storyline and the thought that the 3 different kinds of aliens had been on earth since the beginning and been part of making us who we are. Also that these aliens that seem so powerful and invincible actually are the few that are left after being slaves of an even more powerful race is quite intriguing.
Why then only give 3 Polar Bears? Well the story itself should have 4 Polar Bears but the grammatical errors in the book unfortunately pulls it down to 3. I do not usually notice grammatical errors, I just read and if somebody points out some errors my thoughts are that yes I see what they mean but I didn't notice while I was reading. I did notice in this book and when I started to complain aloud about the errors it had to influence my rating.

This book qualifies for: 
100 books in a year Reading Challenge 2012, 
Goodreads 2012 Reading Challenge, 
2012 Ebook Challenge, 
Magical March 2012,
Why Buy the Cow? Reading challenge 2012 ( this book was free on Smashword the 10th of March 2012)

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  1. Thank you for reading my novel! I am sorry that the errors detracted from overall story and will edit it again after stepping away from it to write 2014 Aftermath. If you'd be so kind as to shot me an email with the most glaring chapter (if you recall) I will make a new revision soon and send you a new print version when done. My address is