Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas.

My Christmas celebrations have been a mix of 3 different traditions:

1. In some places in Greenland it is tradition to have presents in the morning of Christmas Eve so my husband and I decided to have a present each for breakfast.

2. Me being Danish, we of course had a lot of  our presents after dinner on Christmas Eve. Normally we would have our presents after dancing around the Christmas tree but we were only the 2 of us with a tiny (I think less that a foot high) Christmas tree so we skipped that part.

3. My husband being English, Santa came to fill our stockings overnight - He came quite late so I think we were some of the last on his list when he was on his way home to The North Pole.

I enjoy Christmas very much but have to say I missed my family as I enjoy Christmas even more when we are all together. Last years Christmas with all 16 of us celebrating in a farmhouse in Denmark was brilliant.

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