Monday, December 12, 2011

The Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge

After reading Christmas Eve by Robert Browning I needed to read something that would bring back the Christmas Spirit. I selected 3 short Christmas stories that was sitting on my bookshelf.

Ever since being introduced to this book of letters from Father Christmas, I think I have read it once every year. It is absolutely brilliant and I will recommend it to everyone.


Father Christmas by Raymond Briggs is another brilliant book about how hard the  night of Christmas is for Father Christmas. I also love this one and read it every year.

Another must have Christmas book. I saw the film first and then bought the book. And the film is on the to watch this Christmas list. Again, a book I can recommend to everyone.

Three very good books and just right for bringing back the Christmas Spirit

I have also watched a Christmas film over the weekend.

A heart warming very sad film about 2 families. One with a workaholic father, the other a dying mother. Reading the reviews before buying this some people just hate it. I am not one of them, I quite liked it and cried all the way through. This film will be put back in the Christmas box to be watched again next year.

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