Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge

It is the 4th Sunday of Advent and I have another book and film update.

Christmas at Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibson.   

A glorious collection of stories from the author of Cold Comfort Farm. The title story tells of a typical Christmas at the farm before the coming of Flora Poste. It is a parody of the worst sort of family Christmas: Adam Lambsbreath dresses up as Father Christmas in two of Judith's red shawls. There are unsuitable presents, unpleasant insertions into the pudding and some good Starkadder table talk over. Aunt Ada Doom orders Amos to carve the turkey, adding: "Ay, would it were a vulture, 'twere more fitting!" extract from Goodreads
I looked through the list from The Christmas Challenge of Christmas books released in 2011  and decided to buy this one. The extract only describes the first of the sixteen stories whereof only two are about Christmas. And the book is from around 1940.
I think the name of the book is a bit misleading as there are only 2 Christmas stories. The one naming the book is quite special but good non the less. Despite this I really enjoyed this book. The stories often had another ending than I expected.

Now the films.

The Bear, an animation from the book of the same name by Raymond Briggs.
A cute, excellent animation which I truly enjoyed. If you have the chance, see it. I now want the book!

A Christmas Carol with Patrick Stewart.
At the moment this is my favourite edition of A Christmas Carol 

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