Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge

It is about time I update my Christmas reading and film watching.

I have read 3 books or rather book might be a rather large word to use for them.

I started by reading Twas the Night Before Christmas by
Clement C. Moore. I have actually never read this poem before but it was a great start to my Christmas reading

Christmas Greeting, A Series of Stories by H.C. Andersen. That sounds like a Christmas book, does it not?
It was not, it is as it says: A Series of Stories. Of the 13 stories only one is close to Christmas and that is "The Little Match-Girl" which takes place on New Years eve.
But that said, I absolutely love H.C. Andersen's short stories and fairy tales. Here I read them in English but I will quite often read them in Danish as that was his and is my native language.

Today I read this short story.
"Christmas-Eve" is an account of a vision in which the narrator is taken to a Nonconformist church, to St. Peter's in Rome, to a Göttingen lecture theatre where a practitioner of the Higher criticism is discoursing on the Christian myth, and back to the Nonconformist church. extract from wikipedia
After I read the story I had to go hunting on the net for the above description as I had no clue what I had just read! I think that says it all and no I did not like this one.
I did actually finish it but only because it was only about 40 pages, much longer and I would not have, I was struggling as it was.

I have also started to watch Christmas films.

Jack Frost.
I liked it, it was of course  sad in places but also funny and heart-warming.

The Littlest Light on the Christmas Tree.
Cute and sweet. Make sure you watch it with small kids

 White Christmas.
  One of the classics and I of course enjoyed it.

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