Sunday, November 29, 2015

Memory & Dream by Charles de Lint

Isabelle Copley, as the young student of the cruel, brilliant artist Vincent Rushkin, discovered that she could paint images so vividly real they brought her wildest fantasies to life. But when the forces she unleashed brought tragedy to those she loved, she turned her back on her talent and her dreams.
Now, twenty years later, Isabelle must come to terms with the shattering memories she has long denied and unlock the slumbering power of her brush. And, in a dark reckoning with her old master, she must find the courage to live out her dreams and bring the magic back to life.
This is a tale of love, courage, and the transforming power of imagination.
"The [Newford] books have all been written in such a way that you should be able to pick up any one and get a full and complete story. However, characters do reoccur, off center stage as it were, and their stories do follow a sequence."
From Goodreads.

After having read a few Charles de Lint books I decided that I wanted to read the Newford books in order. Not that they can't be read on their own but there are characters that turn up in books more than once.
I listened to this on audio which was a problem for me, the narrator did well but it just took me too long to get through. If I had read this I would most likely have finished it in one or two sittings.
I really enjoy Charles de Lint's urban fantasies.They have quite a bit of magic just under the surface of normal life. Isabelle was a very complex person and she kept surprising me. I enjoyed going forward and backward in time.

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