Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Christmas at Carol's by Nicola Yeager

Carol Gabriel hates Christmas. Not just a little bit, but quite a damn lot.
She can’t even stand having a boyfriend over the Christmas period and habitually dumps them just before the season begins.
Even the restaurant she co-owns, a French bistro called Carol’s, doesn’t do a Christmas menu and it doesn’t do Christmas decoration, either.
But then she gets some bad news; the bistro is failing.
There’s too much local competition, they don’t have enough customers and there’s a risk that the business may have to sold.
For the sake of the restaurant, her glamorous business partner Roksana and all its much-loved employees, Carol takes on her mother’s advice and creates a Christmas menu for the first time.
She may even tart the place up with some decorations.
But it’s an uphill struggle. There’s a reason Carol doesn’t like Christmas and it’s one that she keeps to herself…
As time is running out Carol wonders if she’s left it too late.
Will her fabulous and charming employees be able to boost the restaurant's popularity?
Will there be Christmas at Carol’s?
  From Goodreads.

There was a couple of funny things happening in this book, but that is the best I can say. It used an enormous amount of French cooking expressions and names. It also keeps going on about how beautiful all the employees are. Not for me.

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