Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Rasmus - Tales of a Utah Cowboy by Jay Anderson and Beth M. Stephenson

Enjoy the true and less true adventures of a real wild west cowboy, Rasmus Anderson. As a Mormon boy forced into manhood before his whiskers sprouted, he lived at the end of his rope. Whether herding wild mustangs or defending life and limb, his lasso was his lifeline. So curl your bedroll around the campfire and settle in for some yarn spinning like you never had the sense to hope for. From Goodreads.

I wasn't that taken with these cowboy adventures and it was also a bit too religious for my taste. In the epilogue it states that these stories are fiction but they are written around a real person, Rasmus who was a second-generation pioneer. The most interesting for me was that the family originated from Denmark.

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