Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Iced Under by Nadine Doolittle

Stunned by the abrupt end to her marriage, Sara Wolesley abandons her comfortable life in Toronto and with her two daughters, takes possession of a rundown cottage in Quebec. A frozen lake stretches outside their door like green-black cellophane, ice as clear as rain. They can look down to air bubbles frozen in perfect milky orbs and reeds blowing beneath their feet.
But this new secluded life and the cottage do not offer Sara the relief she was seeking. Unable to find a job or keep the plumbing from freezing, she is broke and close to a breakdown when she falls while crossing the ice. In despair, Sara decides to let the cold take her when she sees something moving in the water below.
They got lucky, the police said later. One of them, the older one, said the ice hadn't been that clear in twenty years. He knew Hennessy Lake pretty well but they got lucky. If there'd been snow they might never have found her body.
But they did find her even after Sara lost her bearings and couldn't remember exactly where she saw the little girl floating beneath her feet. They found her caught in a reed bed, her blonde hair drifting about her head, her eyes open and her mouth parted as if to say something. Her name was Oralee Pelletier and she had been missing for five months.
From Goodreads.

This was okay but no more. The main character is just too naive and I just didn't connect with her. The most interesting character was Gil Hennessy, a recluse who is rumoured to have killed his entire family decades ago.
The answer to the mystery of the missing girl is basically given 50% into the book and all there is left to uncover is the details. 

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