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A Million More Pages - Hogwarts: The Game of Life

The Game of Life hosted by A Million More Pages on Goodreads.

The Game Of Life, Bookish Edition
May 1st-July 31st

1. Career
Pick one of these careers and spell it out using book titles, author's first or last name, or series names.
T: Take Three Birds by Jilli Lime-Holt
E: Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein
A: The Angel's Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
C: A New Witch in Town (Not to Mention the Cat) by Dani Corlee
H: Raw Deal by Mark Henwick
E: Marked by Elisabeth Naughton
R: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling


2. Go to college
Pick one option:
Read a book set in a college
☆Read a book where the MC went to college (must be mentioned in the book - leave sentence)
☆Read a Non-fiction book with Science as a Main Genre
Malicious Mischief by Lora Young ((loc 68) Two years at teacher college is a long time. I missed you while you were away)


3. Get Married
Pick one option:
Read a book where the MC gets married (wedding must actually take place in book - leave sentence with vows/ceremony)
☆Read a book with a wedding ring on the cover
☆Read a book with the root word "Bride" in the title
Penelope by Anya Wylde (They also grumbled that Penelope's vows were said a little bit too loudly to be considered proper. But when Miss Penelope Winifred Rose Spebbington Fairweather and the Duke of Blackthorne, Charles Cornelius Radclyff were pronounced husband and wife, the Grand Dames, along with the rest of those present, cried their hearts out)


4. Buy a house
Pick a house and read (1) book whose title begins with the same first letter of that house.
☆Split Level (S)
☆Mobile Home (M)
☆Log Cabin (L)
☆Cozy Condo (C)
☆Dutch Colonial (D)
☆Beach House (B)
Burial Rites by Hannah Kent
☆Farmhouse (F)
☆Tudor (T)
☆Victorian (V)


5. Have Kids
Pick one option
☆Read a book with a child on the cover
☆Read a book where the main character is a parent to a child 18 or younger.
Read a children's book (must be at least 140 pages, but doesn't need YA as a main page genre)
The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot 

6. Retire
Pick one option

☆Read a book where the main character is retired
☆Read a book where the main character likes to relax (i.e. Has spa days, plays golf, etc.)
Read a book where the main character loves their job
Wind, Sand And Stars by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

SPIN TO WIN Bonus Opportunity

For everyone who signs up on or before May 14th (11:59PM PT), in your sign-up post pick a number from 1-10. On May 15th, I will go to and have it randomly choose a number from 1-10. Anyone who picked the chosen number wins (1) extra bonus point!
**Note: you must include your number in your sign-up post, so I can track it, and you must be signed up before 5/15 to be eligible for the Spin To Win bonus opportunity.**

I picked number 5


1 point per task finished (total of 6)
3 bonus points for finishing all tasks
1 bonus point if the career you spell out is seven letters
1 bonus point if one of your books has the word "Life" in its title.

✪ Minimum Page Length: 125 (140 for YA)
✪ Are Rereads Allowed? Yes
☛ Restrictions?
✪ Can I start a book before Challenge Start Date? Yes
✪ Children Allowed with restrictions: Yes
☛ Restrictions: must also have YA as Main Page Genre, restriction doesn't apply for Task 5c.
✪ Posting Requirements when complete:
☛Book title/cover, author, date read
✪ Are Audiobooks Allowed? Yes
✪ Manga,Comics, Graphic Novels Allowed? No
✪ Can I Ignore A/An/The in Titles? Yes
✪ Author Names Count in Matching Letters? Yes, but only for task 1
✪ Can a book be used more than once in this challenge?: No
✪ Can the Tasks be done in any order: Yes
✪ Can Series titles be used for meeting requirements? Yes, but only for task 1
✪ Verification Required For Points: No 

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