Saturday, September 14, 2013

Shifty Business by Olivia Hardin

Gerry Hinton thought she had the perfect career as an operative for the Company. Her next assignment should have been another "mission accomplished", but hell was delivering hand baskets that day.
When a little girl gives a mysterious silver box to Gerry, her world self-destructs. Suddenly under constant mental attacks, the only person who can save her is her partner, Nicky--but nothing comes without a cost. Secrets buried deep in the past begin to rise, threatening everything she holds dear.
From Goodreads.

The last book in the trilogy. It actually starts just after the sixth chapter of book one. In this book we follow Gerry, a witch with a secret (that I won't reveal). She is unconscious for a while but we still get a lot of her past in that time. This last book does a good job of binding the three books together and finishing the story. I think the author is going to write more books set in this world and I would like to read them.

This book qualifies for:
Goodreads 2013 Reading Challenge
Serious Readers 2013
Tower Teams Read 2013-2
2013 Ebook Challenge
A Book A Day Keeps the Boredom at Bay Reading Challenge (27)
2013 Paranormal Reading Challenge (witch)
2013 Sequel Reading Challenge
NBRC Stuck in a Rut
2013 Witches & Witchcraft Reading Challenge

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