Thursday, March 26, 2015

Got A Hold On You by Pat White

When conservative number cruncher Frankie McGee offers to help her uncle save his wrestling promotion, she doesn’t sign on to dress as a scantily clad tigress and prance into the ring on the arm of a sexy cowboy wrestler. But Black Jack Hudson isn’t just any cowboy and pretty soon the chemistry sizzling between them threatens to unravel Frankie’s plans for a perfect life with her pre-fiancĂ©.
Will Frankie’s intellect win over her desire, or will she go down for the count, risking everything for love?
From Goodreads.

This was a fun, quick read. Frankie loves her Uncle Joe and will do everything to help him as he was there when she grew up and helped her every time her dad let her down. In the end she has to decide if she will marry to get the secure life she has always dreamt about or follow her heart.

This book qualifies for:
Goodreads Reading Challenge 2015
Novel Books & Reading Challenges Wheel-A-Thon II
A Million More Pages Hogwarts: March Challenges (3/7)
A Million More Pages Hogwarts: Spring Fling
A Million More Pages Hogwarts: Professor Trelawney
A Million More Pages Hogwarts: Diagon Alley Supply List

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