Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Million More Pages - Hogwarts: Hearts, Romance, Spring Greetings - Finished

This challenge is running to the end of March but I have now finished it. I had to read 8 books and do 5 other tasks for this. I completed this with the highest amount of points possible.

February Slytherin Prefect Challenge: Hearts, Romance, Spring Greetings
Duration: February 1, 2015 to March 31, 2015
Points: ?/11-12

When creating this task, I decided to go with inspiration from events of February & March, rather than strictly Hogwarts/H.P. related tasks. I came up with the name & tasks of this challenge as a way to tie in the house initials with words related to those events. Hearts because February 6 is "National Wear Red Day", which aims to raise awareness of heart disease in women. Romance, well that's obvious -- Valentine's Day! Greetings and Spring, because March greets the lamb of spring and bids farewell (we hope) to the lion of winter in the northern hemisphere, where I live.
1. Sign up below and don't forget to include your house name.
2. Each task may have a different point value than another task so please pay attention to the values for each one.
3. For tasks that require book cover colors or items, please make sure to link the book cover when claiming points!
4. Page Requirements for THIS Challenge: 100 for non-YA (i.e, adult), and 125 for YA or Children's chapter books - from Middle Grade on up. (So, 7th grade or ages 12 and up)
✔ 1. Greetings #1: "Howdy, Neighbor!" Visit each of the other house common rooms and post a greeting of some kind. Link to your greeting posts for points! (Must visit all 3 opposing houses for credit. Visiting only 1 or 2 or your own gets zero points). (1 point)
House Common Rooms:
* Gryffindor: Greeting.
* Hufflepuff: Greeting
* Ravenclaw
* Slytherin: Greeting

✔ 2. Greetings #2: Say "Hello" to a new-to-you author. Read an author that you've never read before. (1 point)
The Parent Pact by Laurie Kellogg

✔ 3. Hearts #1: "Books Wear Red for Women" Read a book with a red cover (at least 55%). (1 point)

✔ 4. Hearts #2: "Heart Healthy" Read a book with a heart/hearts on the cover. (1 point)
Cora's Heart by Rachael Herron

✔ 5. Romance #1: "Love in the Afternoon" Read a romance novel. Must have the genre of "Romance" (any sub-genre is fine) on its main page. (1 point)
Burn for Me by Ilona Andrews

6. Romance #2: "Be my Valentine?" Create a shelf of books that you want to read in the next 2 months (can be a new shelf or one you already use for 'pick for me' types). List the shelf in your sign-up post below. Then, a day or two after this challenge begins (giving people time to sign up and set up their shelves), choose another person who signed up and be their Valentine by looking at their specified shelf, choose a book for them to read, then post in this thread the book you've chosen for them. (Please choose someone who is NOT in your house, and specify their name AND house when choosing).
*Make your shelf (1 point) Challenge books
*Give a Valentine (1 point) Gave a Valentine to Lizz Neill from Slytherin
*Read your Valentine (1 point) 16 Lighthouse Road by Debbie Macomber
(This is a total of 3 points but each step counts on its own).

✔ 7. Spring #1: "Symbols of Spring": Read a book with any of the following in the title, on the cover or that are a large part of the plot: Flowers/Gardens, Insects, Grass, Rain, Animals, Trees/Leaves, Birds, Personal Growth or Change. (You may use the actual name of a flower, tree, insect, etc., in the title). (1 point)
Raven's Key: A Novel by Siomonn Pulla

✔ 8. Spring #2: "Colors of Spring": Read a book that is predominantly one of these spring colors:
Pink, Yellow, Light-to-medium Purple, Light-to-medium Blue, Pastel or Grass Green:
Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen Baby Proof by Emily Giffin Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin Wonder by R.J. Palacio Love the One You're With by Emily Giffin (1 point)
Love is a Thief by Claire Garber Love is a Thief by Claire Garber

✔ 9. "Hogwarts Houses Represent!" Read a book by an author whose first or last name starts with any of these letters (H/G/R/S). (1 point for one initial; 2 points if the author's first AND last name start with any combination of them!)
Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard  (S + S = 2 points)

**Note: For Task #6, "Be My Valentine", if you make a shelf but do not receive a Valentine by February 14th, Cupid will come along and send you a Valentine! If you sign up after February 14th, Cupid will be on the lookout for anyone who still needs a Valentine!**

If you receive a Valentine, go ahead and make some sort of notation next to the "read your Valentine" option -- something like "Valentine Received." Once you read your Valentine, then list the book with the 'read' date and claim your point. If you receive more than one Valentine, just choose one to read.

The Participants List in Message #2 will be updated to show those who have received Valentines.

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