Saturday, January 17, 2015

Secrets of the Heart by Laurie LeClair

Secrets to hide...
A child to protect...
Forbidden love...
For years, Bree Hansen has fought to keep two things safe: Her daughter and her secret. Both are in jeopardy now that sexy cop Nick Carletti wants his family back. She’ll do anything to protect her secret. She has for years along with her forbidden feelings for Nick. He knows she’s hiding something and wants the truth. Getting to the bottom of it will give him what he wants, but at what price?
How can Nick and Bree make a life together when he feels as if he’s betraying his dead son, can’t trust Bree, and has lost faith in everything, especially himself?
Can Bree and Nick get what they want or will their forbidden past and growing feelings for each other expose too many secrets to heal their hearts?
From Goodreads.

This was a quick read. It wasn't great but it was okay. It all centres around some secrets. It was way too easy too guess the secret and then it was just about waiting to see where it all went from there. This was the second book I read by this author and both were just okay.

This book qualifies for:
Goodreads Reading Challenge 2015
The Challenge Factory - R4: Team Challenge SS
Novel Books & Reading Challenges Tower Teams III
A Million More Pages Hogwarts: December-January Mini Challenge
A Million More Pages Hogwarts: January Challenges (4/9)
A Million More Pages Hogwarts: Spring Fling
A Million More Pages Hogwarts: The Hunger Games
A Million More Pages Hogwarts: Diagon Alley Supply List
A Million More Pages Hogwarts: Meet a Million Members

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